Surely you have already heard that pool table cloths are subject to intensive demands on quality and durability. Today’s typical cloths are made of woolen fabrics and tend to lose their playing qualities very quickly. This high rate of wear and tear and the resulting costs involved in re-covering the table is a constant thorn in the side for pool hall owners.

As an international professional pool billiard player Klaus Zobrekis has first-hand experience of pool table playing surfaces. Non of the existing billiard cloths had the requirements Klaus was looking for. Thus he finally designed and developed the Z9 BilliardCloth®. This cloth possesses powerful product characteristics that are combined to produce a material unlike any other on the market today. Convince yourself of the benefits of the new Z9 BilliardCloth®. On the following pages we present the result of years of development.

Should you require individual advice, so you can always get in touch with us. We look forward to a personal meeting in order to introduce our new Z9 BilliardCloth® and to advise you.

Klaus Zobrekis & Mounir Al Honsali

Klaus Zobrekis & Mark Grey
“The Z9 Billiardcloth® is the best cloth I ever played on. It was the basis of my success.”

Mark Grey, Professional Pool Player

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