MOunir Al Honsali and Klaus Zobrekis with the Z9 BilliardCloth

Mounir Al Honsali

Mounir Al Honsali (left) is an experienced entrepreneur and a passionate pool and snooker player. He is convinced of the Z9 BilliardCloth®, because of its unique quality and durability.

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Tel: +49 (202) 2955 3566
Fax: +49 (202) 9470 9121

Klaus Zobrekis

Klaus Zobrekis (right) was two-time European Junior Champion in 1987 and 1988 in 8-Ball Pool. Since then, he’s still an active player and an expert on game requirements.

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Tel: +49 (172) 9413411

The Z9 BilliardCloth® (owner Mounir Al Honsali) company arose from the idea to develop a new billiard cloth for the market that combines the advantages of conventional cloths and at the same time eliminates their disadvantages. Since its invention in 1995, our goal is to promote billiard sports and to support both athletes and club owners with high quantitative products.

Klaus Zobrekis, the inventor of the Z9 BilliardCloth®, knows as an internationally successful top player and long-time local club owner of the specific material requirements in the billiard sport. In developing the Z9 BilliardCloth® his 30 years of experience was to ensure an invaluable asset to the highest quality. So a team of engineers for fiber technology developed under his guidance, the “Z9” cloth.