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Our billiard cloth is produced in Germany and is of the highest quality.


You have certainly heard of the special quality requirements for table references in pool billiards. The conventional cloth is typically made of pure wool fabric, which has the disadvantage that it wears out very quickly and subsequently loses its playing characteristics.

Convince yourself of the benefits of the new Z9 BilliardCloth® – on the following pages, we present the result of years of development. If you would like individual advice, you can contact us at any time. We look forward to a face-to-face meeting to introduce you to our new Z9 BilliardCloth® and to provide advice.

Klaus Zobrekis & Mounir Al Honsali

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Klaus Zobrekis vs Efren Reyes – presented by Z9 Billiardcloth®

World class made in Germany

The Z9 BilliardCloth® was developed and manufactured in Germany using special yarns and finishes. This quality product impresses with its unbeatable price – performance and, on the other hand, with the well-founded, years of experience of the Z9 team. This modern, durable and high-quality cloth meets the requirements of the ambitious pool player. It corresponds to the demand for optimum playability while maintaining longevity.

  • Highest Quality -made in Germany

  • Perfect Game characteristics-which do not slow the player down

  • Sustainable Development -for our customers and the environment

Features of the Z9 BilliardCloth®

  • Durable (lasts more than twice as long as the market leader’s cloth)
  • Optimal adhesive behaviour
  • Even running characteristics
  • Low maintenance
  • True colour rendering
  • Very durable fabric of comb yarn (453 g/m ²)
  • 80 wool/20 nylon
  • Made in Germany (DIN 9001/9008)




How it all began:

A dream, success and a new beginning.

More than 20 years ago, Klaus, a passionate professional pool player, had a dream: To develop a billiard cloth that gives the billiard player absolute joy of playing and doesn’t restrict him in his skills. With renowned engineers, it took him years to develop the Z9 BilliardCloth®. Again and again, the equipment (fabric finishing) was made until the cloth had very good playing characteristics. All the players and club owners were thrilled with the final product. Because Klaus had managed to produce a cloth that not only convinces all players, but also lasts twice as long as that from the market leader. Until 2011, the cloth was an absolute sales hit.

But then came the stroke of fate. In the same year, Klaus had to undergo a complicated operation, so he was unable to work for months. With the company still in its infancy years, that almost broke the start-up’s neck.

Three years later, Klaus and Mounir ventured into a new beginning and improved the Z9 BilliardCloth®. Now it has ideal characteristics for playing billiard. With the new cloth, both work very successfully together to establish the Z9 BilliardCloth® worldwide. To this day, you can buy the Z9 BilliardCloth® all over Europe and soon in the USA.


Werden Sie Teil unseres Z9 Netzwerks und verpassen Sie keine Neuigkeiten.

    Mounir Al Honsali

    Mounir Al Honsali (left) is an experienced entrepreneur and also a passionate pool and snooker player. He is convinced of the Z9 BilliardCloth® because of its unique playing characteristics and longevity.

    P: +49 (202) 2955 3566
    F: +49 (202) 9470 9121

    Klaus Zobrekis

    Klaus Zobrekis (right) was a two-time European junior champion in the 8-ball pool billiards in 1987 and 1988. Since then, he has still been an active player and is therefore very well versed in the game conditions.

    P: +49 (172) 9413411